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Corporate meals services

Give your staff the best meal plan packages 

OHIEO services cover a wide range of corporate catering needs from executive meals to senior management dining services, client meeting and corporate events, fine dining and many more. We believe, the food plays a crucial role, we are experienced in customising meals plan any corporate organisations of all sizes. We help our customers to save time and money by providing right meals plan. We cater to the different interests of your employees interest , who come from various states yet keeping an eye on dietary needs.

Explore some Meal plan ideas


Line up some delicious items, Buffet style catering offers endless options to ensure your employees can have unlimited food. 

Individual lunch boxs

Individual lunch boxes, curated to your employee needs. Whether they are veg are non-veg, your employees can just pick lunch boxes to their interest.

Small Party Catering services

Budget friendly, small party catering services for kids. When it comes to the things that can make or break an event. A lot is riding on your decision of which caterer to hire, and if you think this decision really isn’t that important, look at it this way… To provide amazing catering services caterer need to provide on time delivery, quality, flavor and appearance of the food and beverages you serve.

One of the biggest challenges with throwing a birthday party for your child, is knowing what food to serve to keep everyone happy, but with over 1000+ handpicked cuisines on our site, you can customise and create menu as you like. Also we have bespoke menu pre-set are for you.

OHIEO can provide a bespoke Children’s Birthday Party Catering service for birthday parties and events. High quality party food delivered to your home or Kids Party venue. We also offer our on-site catering with a waiter service.

At Ohieo catering services we take care of all of the above and even finer details for your event and we serve delicious food hot at your doorstep.

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More Event types

Birthday CelebrationHouse WarmingweddingEvening SnacksKids SpecialHi TeaParty 25 GuestsParty 50 GuestsParty 100 GuestsParty 150 GuestsParty 200 GuestsBreak FastLunchDinnerCorporateBarbeque -BBQBengali Special

Community catering service

Communitycatering services for all religions. Hindu,Muslim, Christian
 So many caterering available all over the city, Veg and Non Veg and Pure Bhramin style. Today catering services has become a hassle-free and introduction of outdoor catering service, particularly for marriages in all communities. All you need to do is, plan the right menu for your guests. Read my blog 100 kitchen in bangalore Catering story we ensure every order we receive from our customers, we will customzie the menu according to your interest.

OHIEO is the best place for your food catering needs, all kind of celebration like Birthday parties, Engagement, Corporate Events etc.

More Event typesHouse PartyBirthday CelebrationGuests at HomeBaby ShowerBarbequeAnniversary CelebrationsHouse WarmingOffice PartyProduct LaunchesSangeetEngagementweddingEvening SnacksKids SpecialSpecial Food Packages

Organic food catering services

Food is so personal for every one. 

The first thing what people expect is time and delivery, taste and quality. People also look for standard hygiene practices and sanitation procedures from catering provider. 1000+ food caterers are in bangalore. Most of the catering providers offer same quality of food and standard menu like, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese food, Veg and Non veg and some varieties of salads and starters.

Trust me, catering food means it’s special event. When it comes into special event like get together party, food creates moments for people to talk more. Any of your event people expect fun and flavours. People only remember the taste of food been served at the event. Offering tasty food is a good way to connect with people. Any great catering provider’s name is recognized by taste and quality and varieties of food offered by the caterer.

We don’t like if something is left!

People gives their comments when they love the food you serve. Have you ever wondered after your party is over some varieties of food is left in the containers? Thats bad” we are paying for everything we get. All the catering service providers are not specialized in cooking all varieties of foods. When food is not prepared rightly by the caterer, people don’t like it and it gets wasted.

We recognize the areas of specialization from every catering provider. Read more 100 kitchen in bangalore Catering story we ensure for every order we receive from our customers, we customise the menu according to their interest. You can create menu on our website and get price estimate.

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OHIEO is the best place for your food catering needs, all kind of celebration like Birthday parties,house ceremony etc. We also offer best corporate catering services in bangalore

More Event typesHouse PartyBirthday CelebrationGuests at HomeBaby ShowerBarbequeAnniversary CelebrationsHouse WarmingOffice PartyProduct LaunchesSangeetEngagementweddingEvening SnacksKids SpecialSpecial Food Packages

100 kitchen in bangalore Catering story

Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 4 ratings)

Health and hygiene good supply  

Our caterers use 100% organic products to preparing food. Food grains and vegetables. Good food means not taste it’s means health for appetizer. We want our customers to be feel happy and healthy always.

You may have read some articles across the internet about catering providers, but ohieo is different among them. One stop solution for catering need. You can explore wide range of catering deals within your budget.

All deals are predefined we also customised according to your requirement. ohieo is first catering marketing place in Bangalore. we have partnered with top premium hotels around the Bangalore.

Save Money on by planing your budget | catering services

Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 4 ratings)
Bangalore Catering Services

Check list

  • Check with people who have already utilized the caterer’s services
  • Check if they are available to cater for the engagement
  • What kind of cuisine they make best
  • How hygienic their cooking methods are
  • Whether they cater for outdoor parties
  • What kind of dinnerware they provide

Once you have finalized on a rough idea for the menu, check which caterer falls within your budget. But remember, never compromise on quality. Do a thorough research of your caterers and check how effective and how hygienic they are. Go ahead and finalize on an expert caterer for your celebrations, keeping these points in mind.